About This Project


Breed: Fox Hound

Age: 4-5 years old (est.)

Donation: £200

Glyn is very active boy, who needs a big garden, as well as lots of daily exercise, minimum of an hour. The garden needs to be secure – being a fox hound, once he gets a scent, he’s off! But, in the evening, he likes his place on the sofa and a cuddle, he’s a loving dog

Glyn has a super temperament, but can be nervous around new people and he doesn’t like to left, so at present wants someone he can be with him all the time, while he gets used to his new environment. He isn’t used to hustle and bustle, so not suitable where there are children.

He’s generally been good with other dogs. He is neutered, house trained and knows the basics; sit, lie, paw;  he needs work on his recall, but he’s a quick learner with so much potential.