About This Project


Breed: Collie

Age: 7

Donation: £300


  • Can live with children 10+
  • Must live with other dogs
  • Can live with chickens and sheep


Background: 7 year old Gwen is a retired farm collie who joined us at the kennels a few weeks ago,(where she was a staff favourite,) before moving into a lovely breed experienced foster home for further assessment and to begin life in a home environment.

Temperament: Gwen is a little nervous, but very people friendly and can’t get enough fuss from everyone she meets. She is full of character with a typical female sassy side and is very active and outdoorsy as well as extremely intelligent.

Dogs, cats and children: Gwen is happy with other dogs and lives in a multi-dog foster home, but she can be a little bossy with some of the resident dogs! We think Gwen would need a canine companion to help her adapt to life indoors, but they’d need to be a similar sized confident male who won’t let her rule the roost too much! She’s lived with cats in foster, and is improving her behaviour around them, so she may be able to live with cats if they are dog savvy and confident: her herding instincts might be too much for more sensitive felines. She’s also been good with the sheep and chickens in her foster home. She has been gentle with the children that she’s met so far so we think she would be ok to live with calm older kids, though youngsters may overwhelm her.

Training and walks: Gwen is adapting to living inside although this is very new to her. She’s progressing well with housetraining and understanding what it means to be a pet, but still loves to be outdoors of course, regularly dipping in the garden pond to cool off! She struggles with walking on lead so will need a home with a garden so she can go out whilst working on leash training, with people who can help her progress at her own pace.

Ideal home: As a farm collie, Gwen would like a semi-rural home with a family who understands her breed and background. Her new family would need to be patient and kind, and give all the sofa cuddles she deserves.

Foster in Cheddar.