About This Project


Breed: Mixed breed

Age: 2 years old

Donation: £250


  • Hari needs an adult-only home
  • Hari needs an experienced, sensible, kind and patient home
  • Hari probably needs to be the only dog

    Young Hari arrived with us at Dogs Friends at the start of the year and is now ready for his forever home.

    Born in Romania, Hari was soon adopted into a UK home through another charity. Unfortunately, the home he was placed into wasn’t compatible with his personality, and with a young child crawling around the house, Hari became quite nervous and very dependent and protective of his adult owner.

    Since joining the team at Dogs Friends he has gone from strength to strength. He is now brave enough to take walks through the village and ignores the other humans and dogs that we pass by. He previously struggled with human and dog reactivity, but now only struggles when a dog is being reactive to him. This will need continued training in his new home. He can be reactive on first meeting with other dogs but comes through his fears quickly if introductions are well managed and he loves to play with the other foster dogs on site.

    He can be handled by all members of our team although he is definitely more of a ladies man.

    On first meeting him, Hari can be very nervous, but once you make it into his circle of trust, he is an amazing companion.

    We are now looking for a calm and quiet adult-only home for him, where he isn’t going to be expected to heavily socialise with lots of visitors and attend parties etc. He has only ever known the countryside and therefore needs a rural home without loud construction noises or traffic.