Henry, Hendricks, Hank

About This Project

Henry, Henricks, Hank

Breed: French Bulldog

Age: 13 weeks

Donation: £500


  • Can live with other neutered dogs
  • Can live with children 4+
  • Can live with cats with careful introductions
  • Cannot be left for long periods of time (due to age)


Background – The boys arrived in our care when their breeder couldn’t sell them, and fortunately were able to move straight into foster placements.


Character – The pups are very sweet and playful with other dogs, but need a little time to warm up to new people and can be a little shy. Once they know you they love cuddles and attention and they also adore other dogs.


Type of home – The dogs will need to go to families with people who are understanding that they have had a bumpy start in life and will therefore need plenty of time and patience – things like visitors and walks will need to wait until they are more settled.


Training needs – They have had almost no training or socialisation and so will not be housetrained, or used to walking on a lead etc. The new families will need to be totally committed to investing time and effort into their training and socialisation.


Health – The boys appear to be a healthy puppies (vet assessment carried out 20th April), however applicants should be aware of the care needs of French Bulldogs.


Adopting – The puppies are in foster care in South Gloucestershire and Bristol and applicants will need to be ready to travel here promptly to meet them in the week, with the view to them going to their adoptive homes on 29th and 30th April (subject to all checks). Please only apply if you are inside our catchment area (Bristol, Somerset, Weston, or the immediate surrounding areas), and only apply if you are very serious about welcoming a new family member – we cannot afford to waste any time with these puppies due to their young age and the fact they are in a critical developmental period.