About This Project


Breed: French Bulldog

Age: 3 years

Donation: £350


    • Can live with confident dogs
    • Can live with older, calm children
    • Cannot live with cats


Background – Honey is a retired puppy farm dog that came to Dogs Friends after sustaining a traumatic spinal injury. This is still healing and being monitored, and Honey’s adoptive family will need to continue with the physiotherapy and vet appointments required to make sure her route to recovery is continued. Honey is not completely house trained but is very nearly there!
Type of home – Honey will make a loving and affectionate addition to any household, but due to her spinal history, she will need a quieter home where someone is home most of the time and/or with a relaxed, laid back canine friend.
People – Honey loves everyone and adores being the centre of attention, she is extremely loving and craves affection. Honey just wants to be near you and loves cuddling up on your lap and having a snooze.
Children – Honey has had contact with younger children and was very good, but because of her historic spinal injury, will be unable to live with them, so an older, calm and sensible home is required.
Dogs and cats – Honey likes other dogs but has a typical Frenchie play style that can be tricky to interpret! Honey can also show some non-aggressive jealously type behaviours around the other dogs in her current foster home, for example sweetly demanding attention with her paws when she doesn’t want to share her humans or barking at the rescue chickens when she thinks her foster human has been in their pen too long! Honey can live with another dog in an experienced home where the other dog is confident, calm and well socialised.
Due to Honey’s back injury and ongoing care, and because of the nature of cat play/behaviour, Honey can’t live with cats.
Outside of the house – Honey’s walks are currently very limited (10 minutes max) due to her historic spinal injury, and ongoing physiotherapy. She is quite good on the harness and lead but will stop and sit and need encouragement to continue on a number of occasions. Honey is also great in the car and will curl up on a seat, as long as she is near her humans.
Health – Honey has had major back surgery, may require patella operations and potentially an ear operation, following having a major ear infection, which wasn’t treated and has left her with a haematoma in her right ear, which will now not recover. With this in mind, Honey’s ears will require regular cleaning to ensure she is comfortable and to prevent infections. Honey also requires the folds in her face and jaw to be cleaned every day, along with her paws and for her skin to be monitored due to flare-ups. Honey has Coprophagia and whilst her foster family have used a number of different remedies, the only one that seems to work are chews specifically made for this issue.
Special requirements – Due to Honey’s back injury, she’s not going to be able to live with laminate/slippery flooring.
Adoption process – Honey is in North Somerset (near Weston-super-Mare) and will remain in her foster home until she is adopted. Applicants must be willing to accommodate a home check, vet reference check (where applicable) and a visit to Honey in her foster home.