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Age: 1 year

Breed: Lurcher

Donation: £400

  • Would love to live with other dogs
  • Can live with older, sensible children
  • Cannot live with cats


I-Spy came to us after serving his seven days at the warden’s kennels having been found as a stray. He went straight into a loving and lurcher-obsessed foster home!


I-Spy is a typical fun-filled lurcher pup! Although he was a very nervous chap when he was originally found, he has come on leaps and bounds in his foster home – literally! He can still be a little nervous in new situations and requires reassurance from his humans, but he has also benefitted hugely from the friendship of the 2 resident lurchers in his foster home, who show him the ropes.

I-spy loves to play! Balls, Frisbees, stuffy toys, furry friends….and even deserted socks and pants! Make sure you use your laundry basket folks because this little character will happily parade it around the house and add a few more holes! His foster mum lovingly describes him as a laundry bandit and ensures that he is provided with enrichment toys and bones so that he steers clear of unsolicited chew toys.

This little smiler is relaxed in the home and loves to snuggle up on the sofa with his humans or canine pals. He sleeps through the night in a crate so that he doesn’t get up to the expected puppy-mischief whilst the household sleeps.

Understandably given his background, I-Spy is a little weary on pavement walks. He tends to walk well to heal until he sees something he is unsure about, he then requires the gentle guidance and reassurance of his humans and canine companions to let him know it’s safe to keep going. His foster mum is working with him on this and he shows improvement every day.

He is an intelligent boy who responds quickly to reward-based training.

Check out the video below showing just what a star he can be!

Type of home

I-Spy has so much potential and is a blank canvas for a dog-savvy home. As he loves to play, it would be best if his new family have a garden and a bit of space for him to express himself in the home.

He would be best suited to an active family, although he is still building his stamina for long walks and his confidence in busy environments. This happy-chappy loves going out and exploring with his family and meeting new friends, with a bit more time we are sure he will grow into a confident and fit adventure buddy. His new family will need to be patient whilst he adjusts to new environments so that he does not become overwhelmed.

He is a typical size and weight for a lurcher of his age, so his new family will need to be physically able to handle him on lead walks, particularly if he were to panic in a new and stressful situation. His foster parents are very experienced and will be happy to talk you through some training tips.

He really thrives in the company of other dogs and we feel he would be best suited to a home with other playful and balanced dog/s to keep showing him the ways of the world.

He has been left at home for short periods whilst crated and settled well.
He travels well in the car, but occasionally gets car sick which may settle as he becomes more confident.

I-Spy is good with children, although he is not a small dog and does get excited! We feel he could live with older, sensible, dog-savvy children who can accommodate his size and a bit of boisterousness until he matures.

He has not been cat tested, but due to his breed type and stray background, he would not be suited to a home with cats.

Adopting – I-Spy is in foster care in Taunton and successful applicants will need to come and meet him here,