Ian and Ingrid

About This Project

Ian and Ingrid

Breed: Mixed Terriers 

Age: 2 years 

Donation: £500 as a pair  


  • Can live with other dogs
  • Can live with sensible children
  • Cannot live with cats as not assessed


Ian and Ingrid’s foster parent says –

They’ve settled in here so well. Such a happy pair, always want to sit beside you, lots of hugs and kisses.  They’re really affectionate. Bella (my dog) isn’t super happy at having to share her space with them, but they’re unfazed and just keep their distance.  Feeding times are fine, they are well mannered and give Bella her space.
I’ve put their beds in my bedroom (they were upset at being left in the kitchen at night).  They sleep soundly in their beds, often cuddling up together.  Big smiles in the morning and never made a mess in the night (I’m on night 2 so far).
They’re not particularly early risers, I have to wake them when I get up at 6am.  They like to go to bed early too and have a very long nap at lunchtime, they’re very chilled out.
I practice meditation, and have been meditating with them, they just sleep next to me. Very calm.
I’ve taken them for a couple of walks. I have a double lead so they’re connected and they walk really well on it.  They are curious about other dogs, very friendly, never any snapping.  Don’t really pull, love a good sniff, easy going!
They’re not massively food motivated. They love a treat, sometimes Ian turns his nose up! Depends what it is.
They’re about 50% housetrained so I have to keep an eye out for them, but they’re learning fast.
They follow me everywhere, always wagging tails and smiling at me wherever I go.