About This Project


Breed:  Pug/Cavalier Cross

Age:     5 (estimate)

Donation: £200

APPLICATIONS NOW CLOSED – Ingrid has been very popular

After a career of breeding, this gorgeous girl can now look forward to enjoying a proper dog’s life in retirement. She has been vet checked and estimated to be 6-8 years old.  She has settled in well with her fosterers, who report:

Ingrid Loves:

– Walks – She is so good on a lead considering her background and loves all the new smells and sounds when shes out. She doesn’t bark  even when she sees other dogs or cats across the road. she doesn’t pull on her lead.

– Playing – she’s great out in the garden or indoors playing with her toys and us but likes it in short bursts only as she tends to walk away when shes had enough then comes back again to play more

– Company – she’s definitely a dog that thrives on company and really doesn’t enjoy time by herself, we are working on that by leaving her in the garden or her cage for small amounts of time by herself to get her used to it. She loves lying on the sofa with us and is so content.

She is such a good natured  and loving dog and very well behaved (apart from some barking but again we are working on that). She’s had no accidents in the house and asks to go out when needed. She doesn’t beg for food at table when we are eating and if told to go into her bed she will with no issues. she settles down very well in her cage at night with no fuss.

Ingrid doesn’t love:

– Being by herself

– Lie ins 😂