About This Project


Age: 5 Years

Breed: Cavachon

Donation: £400

  • Would like to live with other dogs
  • Cannot live with cats
  • Can live with sensible children


Iris was surrendered to us as a ‘retired’ breeding dog and was in poor condition. She went straight into a loving foster home where she has thrived!


Iris is a true example of her breedmix, she is gentle, affectionate and easygoing. Understandably given her background, Iris is nervous of strangers and needs a little reassurance in new places, but with the support of a loving family, she is learning to explore! Iris is very relaxed around other dogs but does not know how to play with them just yet, but given her lovely temperament we think she will soon learn how to have some fun with her pooch pals!
Irish loves a cuddle once she gets to know you.

Type of home

Iris is a gentle soul and would thrive in a home that is willing to be patient whilst she learns that the world is not such a scary place. Once she trusts her humans she will trust them to introduce her to new things.
Iris settles well in the home and would fit into many home set-ups. She is not yet quite up to long hikes and busy environments, so a slightly less busy lifestyle would suit her initially, but she does have oodles of love to give so will soon enjoy more frequent adventures to meet new friends. Scroll down to see a video of this happy girl in action!
She is a small girl so could be well suited to someone who is not up for walking a large, strong dog.
A few days ago she had her first walk on a lead and harness and is making great progress in learning all about what fun dog walks can be! She now gets excited when she sees her lead come out!

We would like for Iris to go to a home with other dog/s as puppy-farm dogs gain great comfort and confidence in the company of doggy pals.

Iris travels well in the car and has also been fine with being left at home for short periods with other dogs.

Iris is instinctively clean in the home and likes to potty outside, however, she does not yet know how to ask to be let out so her new family will need to help her along with her training whilst she is learning the ropes!

Iris loves children and gravitates towards them, we think she could happily live with sensible children who know when she needs gentle handling and space.


Iris is a little overweight due to her previously sedentary lifestyle, but with a healthy diet, a more active life and gentle walks, she will be streamlined in no time.
She has a mild heart murmur that does not affect her enjoyment of life but could potentially require medication in her twighlight years.

She also has a mild underbite that does not affect her eating and we think makes her cuter!

Iris also has hair loss on her back, we believe this is due to malnutrition and improper care on the puppy-farm and that it will grow back with time.

Adopting – Iris is in foster care in Bristol and successful applicants will need to come and meet her here.