About This Project


Breed: Cross

Age: 2 years old

Donation: £250

  • Johnny has never lived in a home before so will require lots training and patience
  • Johnny must be rehomed with a resident dog
  • Female adult only household


Born in a shelter in Romania, Johnny has taken well to living in Somerset and becomes more and more confident every day. When we arrive at his kennel in the morning he will bark excitedly in greeting. He is now going for on lead walks and is starting to relax and enjoy this time, as well as thriving up in the fields, off lead playing with other dogs.

He loves being around people and enjoys having behind his ears scratched and has even started coming to us for cuddles and physical affection. Given time with a new person with calm energy, he will truly prove himself to be a super companion.

Johnny needs an experienced household. He has never lived in a house before so will need someone who can be patient with toilet training, leash training and someone who can slowly introduce him to all the amazing things that his new life has to offer.

With this in mind we are looking for a very special foster or adoption home for him.

The ideal home for Johnny would be:
🐾 Experienced owners of medium/large breeds
🐾 Rural location, away from busy roads
🐾 Large garden or enclosed paddock. Johnny is still lacking confidence so the majority of his training would need to happen at home. Direct access to enough land / garden to exercise him to begin with would be highly beneficial. He will allow our team to put him in a harness and take him out, but new people will need to earn his trust to do this.
🐾 Humans home the majority of the time
🐾 No children under 16. He has shown no signs of aggression but would be overwhelmed in a house with younger kids.
🐾 Must have a resident dog at home to help guide him
🌟 Super star foster or adopter would be someone who has owned a working breed previously and has time to dedicate to training. This boy is super smart and LOVES to learn.



“Just a quick update on Johnny. He’s settled in so well and is doing brilliantly. Despite his past he is such a chilled out dude who’s happy to go along with anything, particularly a BBQ. I am so fortunate to have been able to adopt him. Thank you so much to you all at Dogs Friends for doing what you do.” – Johnny’s adopters