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Junior Cats

Breed: Domestic Short Haired 

DOB: 28/05/2023 

Donation: £150


Overview – We recently took in some kittens who needed to find loving homes. They are all friendly and affectionate and are happily living with other rescue dogs and cats. We are looking for safe and happy homes with families who can provide suitable environments for cats, away from main roads with safe outdoor space for them to roam – they are not suited to being house cats and must be allowed to go out in a safe environment. They are microchipped, vaccinated and neutered.


Field Marshall Monty Montgomery (White with black on his ears) – Monty is confident and fun, enjoying play fighting with his pals and getting fuss from older kitties. He does also enjoy relaxing in the evenings and getting affection from people. Monty loves to be carried around by humans! Best placed with other cats.

Ishmael (Black) – The sweetest little cat you ever could meet. Cuddles, fuss and playtime – he loves it all. Ishmael also enjoys long walks, playing with mice and eating. Could possibly be an only cat.

Samson (Black and White) – Loves to climb trees and play with his pooch pals! A happy go lucky cat. Best placed with other cats.

Socrates (Black and White) – Keen adventurer, bundle of fun who loves to play in boxes! Best placed with other cats.

Plato (Black and White) – Happy to be one of the gang, likes to explore and would love a home where he can have fun adventures. Best placed with other cats.

Adopting – Please only apply to adopt if you are committed to welcoming a new family member, and are ready to proceed immediately (ie no upcoming holidays etc).