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Karen arrived at Dogs Friends in June 2021. Very sadly, this poor girl was found abandoned near Brecon. Fortunately, she was found and after serving her time in the Pound, came to us for rehoming.

“I just want to say how grateful I am that you rescued Karen (now Doris) and let me adopt her! She has been living with my husband and me for just over three months now and he is a DREAM!

There were a few nervous nips on the first month before she fully trusted us and to be fair, we did not know how to read her but since then she has come on leaps and bounds!

She is now confident with other dogs in the park and even has a few besties that she tumbles around with! She has her own little fan club in the park who give her loads of treats when they see her (as do we though!) and everyone we meet is besotted with her and her beautiful eyes.

Something I never thought I’d see when we first brought her home, she LOVES to play!! Her favourite is any sock she can get a hold of (Cat warned me of this!) and now has a little collection of my husband’s socks. She loves a game of tug and fetch with her socks and stuffed pig. Today I told her ‘go get piggy!’ And she brought it to me from the other room… so clever!!

She is just such a dream of a dog, so affectionate and playful. Loves a cuddle and a run around in the park which has also been great for my mental health. WIN!

Here is a picture that I think encompasses how she is living her best life