Kieran – Applications Closed

About This Project


Breed: French Bulldog

Age: 4 years old (Estimated) 

Donation: £300


  • Can live with or without other dogs
  • Can live with very calm children 6+


Background – Kieran arrived in our care at the end of May 2022 from a breeding premises and quickly settled well into his wonderful foster home.

Character – Kieran’s foster Mum says “Kieran is a dog who has completely captured our hearts and is a companion for life. He loves going everywhere you do – be it a night on the sofa watching films snuggling up to you or going for a trip to the cafe or pub, he truly loves everyone and gets on with everyone he meets. He is a very sweet, loving, playful and cheeky boy – you’ll often find him sneaking into the cupboard where his food is and he loves playing with his toys. but also can spend hours lying on the sofa having cuddles. He’s incredibly gentle he truly loves being by your side at all times so would be a friend for life”.

Type of home – Kieran loves being fully involved in your day to day life, he is very sociable and likes to come out and about with you so a home where he is really part of the family would be ideal. Kieran does not like to be left alone for long periods of time (over two hours) and also becomes exceptionally distressed when he is confined so cannot be crated or penned (he’s more of a chill on the sofa kind of guy).

Dogs and Cats – Kieran absolutely adores his foster brother Frodo and they love to play together – he is exceptionally social. Kieran’s foster mum reports “He gets on well with other gentle dogs who are happy to share their attention with you, he’s been learning from our dog how to play and has become very sociable with other dogs. may benefit from a playful gentle sibling who he can learn from but this is not a requirement, if with another dog they must be able to share the attention – as he can sometimes gently butt the other dog out of the way!”

Health – Before he arrived in our care, Kieran was reported to suffer from seizures. We can only assume that these were being triggered by stressful conditions as since he has been in a calm foster home, he has not had any seizures at all and has been assessed by our vets relating to this. Full details of this would of course be discussed at length with adopters. As with all Frenchies who can be quite sensitive as a breed, Kieran will need to be kept on a good quality food (her currently loves Forthglade and Tribal) to maintain his health and will also need regular ear and skin cleaning. 08/07/22 – Kieran is due to have some blood tests next week so his adoption may take a few weeks longer than expected but we are keen to get the ball rolling.

Adopting – Kieran is in foster care in Nailsea and applicants must be in our catchment area. Please read our adoptions page before applying.