About This Project


Breed: Cockapoo (6kg)

DOB: 05/09/2022

Donation: £400


  • Could live with older children
  • Must live with other dogs
  • Cannot live with cats


Background – Kenzo was found with his four friends after a rather dramatic rescue mission, where he and his friends were dumped out of a van by someone who we suspect was using dogs for breeding. All five dogs were in an awful state and are obviously victims of a traumatic past.

Character – Kenzo has come on such a long way in a very short space of time, he now loves cuddling up on the sofa and will come to you for affection. Kenzo can be frightened of new people coming in and out and so will bark when he is unsure or feels frightened, but has never done anything to suggest he would hurt anyone – he’s just scared.

Type of home – Kenzo feels safer around women (but is becoming braver and will play with his Dad) so a home with at least one lady is best. A calm home with a peaceful environment would be best for him, and he especially needs people who are willing to be patient and gentle with him. Kenzo will need to live with at least one other dog as he takes a great deal of reassurance from them, and he loves to play with them. Unfortunately Kenzo does find the young children in the home a little overwhelming (we aren’t sure why are they are incredibly gentle kids), so a home with older children or adults only is best.

Adoption – Kenzo is in foster care in Bristol and applicants must come and meet him here.