Kevin – Applications Closed

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Kevin – Applications Closed 

Breed: French bulldog

Age: 3 years

Donation: £400

  • Kevin could live with another calm dog
  • Kevin could live with children 4+
  • Kevin could live with cats

Background – Kevin arrived in our care with a somewhat unknown history, although it is suspected that he has been used for breeding. Kevin arrived in poor physical condition and has been nursed back to health by his foster family who have worked wonders with him.

Character – Kevin is a well mannered little boy who is good with children, dogs and cats alike. Kevin is starting to come out of his shell – he even does a dance up on his hind legs for dinner! Full blown playing is a little beyond Kevin at the moment but he has started to show an interest in toys.

Type of home – Kevin would thrive in a calm and loving family home, with or without other dogs. Due to Kevin’s breed, he may struggle with an exceptionally active lifestyle and would be more suited to leisurely strolls! When Kevin gets home he likes to snuggle up on the sofa and snore like a steam train!

Dogs and Cats – Kevin is currently living with other dogs but does get a little fed up of the larger, boisterous dog in the home and would prefer a more chilled out friend – he doesn’t really understand how to play with other dogs just yet! Kevin has not shown any interest in the resident cat at his foster home – he had a quick sniff and has ignored him ever since!

Specific needs – As with many French Bulldogs, Kevin will require daily skin fold cleaning and ear maintenance to avoid any infections – he is very accepting of this! Kevin is still working on his house training – it’s just taking him a little longer to grasp!