About This Project


Breed: Collie Cross 

DOB: 07/04/2023

Donation: £350


  • Can live with calm dogs
  • Can live with sensible children
  • Could live with cats


Background – Kevin had a rough start coming from a breeder that didn’t have his best interests at heart. Kevin is a double Merle collie lurcher cross who is Blind. Unlike many double merles Kevin’s hearing is good, however he can struggle to tell which direction the sound is coming from. Kevin does have some sight, he is able to distinguish between light and shadow. Kevin is only a young puppy with his whole life ahead of him to learn new things. He has already shown how smart and capable he is in this respect.

Type of home – Kevin needs a home that will give him the time and space to map out his new environment. A stable space where things don’t frequently change location would be best. Kevin is great around the house, fully toilet trained and sleeping on his own downstairs. He can cry if he wakes in the night and is hungry. He is currently growing at a rate of knots so this won’t be a long term thing and he does settle down again fine once his needs are met. He is able to navigate a full flight of stairs, unassisted on the way up and he is getting better at the way down. Currently if he knows your hand is in front of him he will walk down the stairs on his own. He gets on and of the sofa unassisted and knows his way around the house as well as all the sighted dogs.

People – Kevin loves people. When he hears them you can see he is very keen to meet them and tries to locate them, then when he can smell them his tail wags and he gives them a lovely greeting. He’s currently learning not to play in a bitey way, typical of most puppies. He doesn’t do this with strangers but he does do this with the people he lives with. Kevin loves to play with his fosterers and is happy for cuddles but will also happily settle in a bed alone.


Children – Due to Kevin’s lack of sight Kevin needs to be in a home where people are careful and able to avoid him, not the other way around. Any children in the home will need to be of an age that they can understand the adjustments that Kevin needs.

Dogs and cats – Kevin likes other dogs very much. Often it’s the case that blind dogs can’t cope without another dog and while Kevin would be happier where he has the company of the right dog, he doesn’t follow other dogs around or rely on them for navigation or safety. He loves to play but can get overwhelmed if he is bounced on. When he knows and trusts the other dog he is happy to play rough and tumble. The older dogs currently in the home with Kevin find him rather annoying at times and will tell him off which he takes very well and will leave them alone immediately. Kevin has been in the presence of cats and not shown any excessive interest.

Outside of the house – Kevin doesn’t enjoy riding in the car, partially due to engine noise and partially due to the movement which means he will cry. Kevin likes visiting new places though can become frustrated if he isn’t allowed to explore. Once he has had a good explore and usually some food and drink, he will settle down nicely for plenty of time for the humans to enjoy a drink or some food, even in noisy environments. Due to Kevin’s young age the environments he has explored thus far are limited but he has embraced and enjoyed every one.


Health – Although Kevin is blind this isn’t a concern going forward. His eyes require no special treatment and he is a normal, healthy, happy little puppy. Kevin will need Neutering but will be fully vaccinated.


A note from the fosterer: Kevin is just a marvellous dog. I can’t speak highly enough about his character. He captures the heart of everyone we meet. He doesn’t know that he is any different from any other dog and behaves just like any other dog. The person who adopts Kevin must absolutely be prepared for some adjustments that Kevin will need but this isn’t to say Kevin wants to be molly coddled because he would rather be charging around a field, playing with toys, playing with other dogs and just generally trying everything any sighted dog would be able to enjoy. The person who adopts Kevin will be incredibly lucky indeed.