Kosta and Kobie

About This Project

Kosta and Kobie

Breed: Yorkie Cross (3.5kg) and Poodle Cross (4kg)

DOB: 05/12/2020 and 05/01/2022

Donation: £500 as a pair


  • Can live with older, calm children
  • Can live with other dogs
  • Cannot live with cats or small furries


Background – Kosta and Kobie arrived with us from a pound in Wales, after being dumped by the side of the road by someone assumed to be their breeder – luckily a passer by saw and jumped into action to help save them all. They were horribly matted and in very poor condition, and understandably were totally traumatised.

Character – The boys are very unsure of this new world around them, it seems they have not been handled before but despite their very traumatic past they have already made huge progress. Kosta in particular is a loving dog and really enjoys cuddles but needs a very calm home as he can be easily overwhelmed and frightened by things he finds scary – this can manifest in barking. Kobie is more shut down and needs more time to be able to accept human love and affection.

Type of home – They both prefer ladies so will need a home with at least one female family member, and any men in the home will need to understand that they will take a while to trust them – we think a man may have hurt them previously and this is why they are frightened. Kosta  and Kobie would like a home that is not too busy and we think they could find boisterous dogs and young children overwhelming.

Adoption – They are both in foster care in Bridgwater and are looking to move to their new home together as soon as the right one is found.