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Breed: Schnauzer

DOB: 01/09/2016

Donation: £350

  • Lily MUST live with another dog and can live with teens +


Background: Lily arrived in our care from a breeder and luckily was able to move into a foster placement which was kindly supported by Supported by Schnauzerfest. Lily has had extensive vet care whilst with Dogs Friends and is now ready to find her own family. Lily’s foster Mum writes below –

When she arrived she was traumatised from her previous breeding life, she obviously hadn’t had positive human experiences. She has been here in foster for 2 months and is now much more confident in the home and on our walks (which have all been in the same field where she now feels comfortable). Over time and with lots of patience she has learned to walk on a lead.

She is an affectionate, playful, and at times, feisty girl. She will tell other dogs off if they are pushy or rude with her, but then give them a lick straight after because she’s got such a sweet nature.
At times when she has been petrified, she has shown me nothing but affection even when being bathed and groomed or caught/picked up.

She is totally clean in the house and happy to be left snoozing on the sofa with a snuggle buddy with no signs of any separation anxiety. Lily needs very calm, patient and understanding human(s). She will need gradual introductions to walking in new places, and may need picking up and carrying if she is too scared, so humans need to be physically capable of carrying a 10kg dog should the need arise.

She could be a flight risk if she is scared in new surroundings so a secure garden is a must.
I’d advise when walking she has harness & collar and security connection so that if spooked she cannot slip her harness. She is a clever girl and has been very quick to learn our routines and follows the lead of the rest of the dogs despite her initial fear.

Lily prefers dogs of a similar size to herself with lovely natures. Even though she shows no fear of bigger dogs like the German shepherds and Staffies she is in foster with, she doesn’t really play or engage with them as she does the smaller dogs who are always with her on the sofa.

She needs canine companions that will give her space to decompress and not bug her or be OTT with her, but are happy to play when she feels ready. She enjoys a game of bitey face!

She must be rehomed with resident dogs who will be able to help her gain confidence as the change to a new home may set her confidence back and need some rebuilding.
She loves both males and females as her playmates are a mix of both.

I have no doubts that Lily will bond well with the right human(s) and will be a very loving dog who enjoys fuss, walks and all that her peaceful new life has to offer once she has built up a level of trust with her new family.

For a schnauzer she is very very quiet, I’ve only heard her bark a few times and that was with excitement when everyone got up in the morning. Lily would not cope with young children, but older/dog savvy teenagers who are willing to work with gaining her trust would be fine.

Lily loves to ride in the car, loves food and treats, gentle fusses, licking hands and snoozing on the sofa.

If you, your dog(s) & your home meet Lily’s needs and would like to apply to be her special forever home, please fill out an adoption form with as much information as possible.