About This Project


Breed: Bulldog

Age: 10 months old

Donation: £300


    • Luna must be the only dog (dog friendly but a dog-free home is required)
    • Luna can live with children aged 12 and over
    • Luna cannot live with cats

Luna is a sweet-natured, energetic (very) and affectionate bulldog who had an unsettled start in life, but fortunately was taken in by a family who have helped turn this around and keep her safe and well.
Luna currently lives in a home with very young children and another dog, but her boisterous playstyle and lack of spatial awareness means that she would be best suited to a home with much older children and as an only dog. Luna would be best suited to a home where there is time invested in her training and enrichment, she is a very happy and friendly dog but needs a helping hand in the right direction.
Luna enjoys her three walks per day and is very well behaved on them – happily greeting other dogs and people alike – she’s quite a social butterfly. Luna is very much an oversized lap dog and will happily spring up to give you kisses so a home with robust family members is a must! In the home, Luna is generally well behaved but does require some ongoing work on her toilet training.
It is exceptionally important to Dogs Friends and Luna’s current family that she goes to the right home. Applicants must be willing to meet Luna several times in North Bristol and demonstrate a commitment to giving her the best life possible.