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Mally arrived at Dogs Friends in April 2021 after retiring from breeding. She weighed in at an incredible 27.7kg and so spent some time in foster care to not only learn how to live as a pet but also to lose some pounds. 10kg lighter and later, Mally went up for adoption and her happy smile bought lots of attention. Molly was soon rehomed and is now well and truly part of the family!

“We have had Mally-Mae now for nearly 6 weeks. She was very nervous and a bit overweight when she arrived but after a few days she started to settle in and her tail started wagging and hasn’t stopped since. Her confidence is growing every day.

Mally-Mae loves chasing her ball on our walks across the fields and enjoys taking a swim in the river. It’s lovely to see her run now as she has lost more weight. She can nearly keep up with her new best friend Herbie, our other dog.
In the evenings Mally loves a snuggle on the sofa.

It has been very rewarding adopting a dog from dogs friends and the support we have received is amazing.
So we thank you.”