About This Project


Breed: Beagle

Age: 5 years


  • Must live with other dogs
  • Cannot live with cats or small furries
  • Children 14+ until assessed further


Background: Martin is an ex-hunting Beagle who was so scared when he first arrived he’d hide his face if you looked at him. After a couple of months to decompress in kennels, he went to a foster home where he has really begun to blossom.

Character: Martyn is a sweet and lovable boy who, after gentle and patient introductions really comes out of his shell and will shower you with love and affection. He’s still scared of loud noises, but if you go over to him and give him fusses he will soon feel reassured- the more fusses he gets, the more love he gives back! Martyn wants to be part of your family and though he will shy away at first, after a little while of attention and love he will soon be sitting on the sofa getting cuddles, he even bats you with his paw if he stops getting attention! He has bonded well with both members of his foster family and is very gentle and loyal. As with all beagles, he loves his food and wags his tail whilst his breakfast is being made. Sardines are his favourite! Martyn is quite quiet at home, but loves his walks and jumps up, wagging when you put his harness on, so he will need a reasonably active home to meet his breed needs.

Dogs and cats: Martyn is living with another dog in his foster home which has been essential in growing his confidence with living in a house. He’s playful and loving with his foster brother, and good with all dogs when out on walks, so will need a kind canine companion in his forever home to show him the ropes. Martyn is not cat tested but we wouldn’t trust a hunt beagle with kitties- far too exciting!

Ideal home: Martyn is still getting to grips with living inside and trusting people, so he will need a patient and kind, quiet home. He’s gentle with everyone he meets, but would find noisy children overwhelming, so older teen children who understand to leave him alone whilst he builds confidence would be best for Martyn.