About This Project


Breed: Greyhound 

Age: 5 months

Donation: £350


  • Can live with neutered dogs
  • Can live with children 13+
  • Needs 6ft fencing


Matilda’s foster parents say: 

Matilda is a lovely young Greyhound and a great example of the breed. She has met lots of dogs and people when coming to join us in our dog grooming salon, and has been friendly with all of them. She has particularly enjoyed playing with other young dogs and having the ‘zoomies’ in the local park or in our garden!
We have an older Labrador and Chihuahua whom she has got on with and enjoyed their company. Though we feel that Matilda would be fine with or without another dog in the household, we think she would enjoy having another medium to large dog to play with.
Matilda’s deafness does not seem to be hampering her progress from puppy to adulthood. We have been using hand signals and rewarding with treats as appropriate, and she is pretty much toilet trained in only the two weeks since her arrival.
Matilda likes to play with toys and nibble on bones. She can occasionally be a little protective when another dog approaches but we are working on this, it is quite common with puppies.
She likes nothing better than to stretch her limbs and have a snooze on her bed! True to the saying that Greyhounds are 40mph couch potatoes! And she loves a belly rub or having her neck stroked!
Matilda will make someone very happy and we are sure she will be a wonderful dog who will flourish as an adult.
We are based in Nailsea, so applicants will need to be prepared to make the journey here to meet Matilda.