About This Project


Breed: Cross

Age: 2 (DoB 15 December 2018)

Donation:  £250

  • Maxie has never lived in a home before so will require lots of training and patience
  • Maxie must be rehomed with a resident dog
  • Adult female only household 


Having been born in a shelter in Romania, Max has only ever known life in kennels. When he first arrived he was very nervous and would hide at the back of his kennel when people approached. Now, he is a super affectionate, super friendly boy who wants to please. He loves physical touch and fussing, and has started to display more puppy like play behaviours when he gets excited.

He has learnt the touch command very quickly and is starting to learn basic obedience and a few tricks to practice getting used to hands moving over his head.

Max walks brilliantly on a lead and harness and has started going on walks in the community, to experience more of the sights and sounds of human life (e.g. cars passing). Whilst he loves his lead walks now, Max truly comes alive when off lead playing in the field. He encourages the other dogs to play and jumps around with all four paws in the air at once!

Max needs an experienced household with a resident dog. Normal household sights and sounds will be new to him and a resident dog will help him relax and learn to live in a family setting.

With this in mind, we are looking for a very special kind of foster or adoption home for him.

The ideal home for Max would be:

🐾 Experienced owners of medium/large breeds

🐾 Rural location away from busy roads

🐾 Large garden or enclosed paddock. He allows the team to put on his harness and lead, but will need to first establish trust with a new person before he is comfortable with close handling.

🐾 A female household is preferred as he can be nervous of men

🐾 Humans home the majority of the time

🐾 No children under 16. He has shown no signs of aggression but would be overwhelmed in a house with younger kids

🌟 Superstar foster would be someone who has owned a working breed previously and has time to dedicate to training. This boy is super smart and LOVES to learn.