Melon – Applications Closed

About This Project


Breed: French bulldog

Age: 18 months 

Character – Everybody who has met melon has fallen in love because she is so chilled out, not a jumpy or barky dog just loves a cuddle and a tummy scratch, she loves being sat with people but will happily take herself off to her bed if she wants her own space.

Type of home – Melon can live with or without dogs but doesn’t like to be left alone so better suited to a house with a small dog (she doesn’t mind big dogs but shys away from them, but wants to play with smaller dogs) and has no issues with cats or other animals. Melon behaves positively around children but can sometimes get a bit nervous if there is lots of loud noise or when they run past and she isn’t expecting it.

Dogs and cats – Melon would benefit from a home with another smaller dog as she would likely do well with the companionship to remedy her nerves when her humans are away. Melon is still learning to play with other dogs but when the play gets too much she can get a bit bossy with the other dog and so any resident pooches should be confident and well socialised to avoid this being an issue.

Outside of the house – Melon loves her walks but when she has had enough will just lay down and refuse to move – she’s had to be carried home a couple of times when she has had enough!

Specialist needs – Melon doesn’t like being left alone and will bark if shut away from her humans or doggy companion. so ideally someone who is home a lot or has another small sized dog would be better.