About This Project

Age: 2 years old

Donation: £350

  • Could live with other dogs
  • Can live with children
  • Not cat tested

Background – Milo came to Dogs Friends due to a change in circumstances for his owner, but prior to this happily lived in a busy family home with toddlers. Milo has been in foster care so we have got to know him well – he is a total superstar.

Character – Milo is an affectionate, happy and loving lad, who’s tail does not stop wagging. He can be a bit goofy and cheeky and has a bubbly personality. He can also be excitable, though if you remain calm so will he. He lovingly gazes at his humans, smiling and likes to give kisses! Milo can appear unaware of his size and believes he is a lap dog, either sitting on your lap, or leaning into you – adorable! He enjoys belly rubs and ear scratches. Milo is a very well behaved chap. He does not appear to be interested in toys, though does like a kong and peanut butter.

Inside the home – Milo is well settled within the home. He enjoys napping in his bed or on the sofa. Milo enjoys cuddling up with his humans, though will return to his bed when wanting space. He likes to be your shadow and follow you around and is inquisitive to noise, though not reactive. Milo has not been heard to bark, though is partial to a sigh and a snore. He was not phased by fireworks. Has been observed watching the TV alongside his humans.. Milo has been sleeping in the bedroom with his humans, in his bed on the floor. He will remain in bed all night and gently come up to the side of the bed in the morning and await permission to join the humans.

Type of home – Milo would like a loving individual, couple or family, that have the time and capacity to give him the attention and affection he desires. Whilst he is okay on his own, he prefers to be near his humans and benefits from a calm environment. Milo loves his walks and is super happy out and about and also travels very well in the car so is a good companion for days out. Milo wants to be friends with the dogs he meets on walks and greets them with a happy tail, so can live with other dogs subject to successful introduction.

Foster carer says – Milo is an absolute softy and has all the love in the world to give his humans. He has displayed no signs of aggression and just wants to be your best friend. He would make the perfect companion and is an absolute joy to be around and a complete snuggle bug. His bubbly personality and wagging tail is infectious and his happiness rubs off on those he meets. His forever owner will be so very lucky to have him and he will be very much missed!

Adopting – Milo is in foster care in Nailsea and applicants will need to come and meet him here. Milo is ready to move to his new home next week, following his post-neutering check with our vets on 10th January. Please only apply if you are serious about offering Milo a loving home.