About This Project

DOB: 22/08/2023

Donation: £400

  • Can live with or without other dogs
  • Can live with children 6+
  • Could live with cats in an experienced home

Background – Mistletoe arrived with her littermates back in November – it was clear they had not been handled at all and they were in very poor condition too. Fortunately they have grown into happier dogs, and Mistletoe (known as Toes) is ready to start her next chapter.

Character – Affectionate, cheeky and excited to explore! Mistletoe can be a little wary of new situations, but soon gets over this when she gets the chance to greet everyone, which is done with excitement! Affectionately nicknamed ‘Toes’, she is a typical clever collie pup and is keen to learn. She already knows sit, down, around and paw, and now she is able to go for walks is learning to wait when she gets to a road. Toes is starting to learn that she loves balls, and will happily chase one and bring it back to you to be thrown again. Once Toes is tired out she will take herself off for a lie down, or sit next to you on the sofa. Mistletoe happily greets you in the morning with a very small and quiet ‘awoo!’, and then comes for cuddles. She is an affectionate little thing and will follow you wherever you go.

Inside the home – Toes is settled in the home and opts to nap on the sofa in the day time. She doesn’t mind being left if there is another dog with her, but does get anxious if completely alone, and so a resident dog to keep her company would be very beneficial for Mistletoe. She is happy to go to the toilet outside, however she hasn’t quite worked out how to tell us that she needs to go out and so has the odd accident.

Outside of the home – The world of walking is very new to Mistletoe, but she is keen to get out and about! If an excited dog runs up to her too quickly she will try to run and hide, but once she gets to say hello all she wants to do is be near them. Toes is learning how to settle in cafes, but this still needs some work – she isn’t naughty, just excited to investigate! We have tried to have her in lots of different situations; visiting a cafe when it’s busy and also when it is quiet, going into different people’s homes, walking next to busy roads, walking at night, visiting the local dog park, visiting families with young children… and Toes, despite showing some initial concern of a new situation, happily adapts and follows other dogs leads.

Type of home – An active family home or a young couple, people who are keen to work her brain. A home with a gentle resident dog would be perfect. Young children do not seem to be a problem and Toes will happily give them cuddles and licks.

Adopting – Toes is in foster care in Cheddar and applicants will need to come and meet her here. Please only apply if you are ready to move swiftly with the adoption process.