Misty and Snowy

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Misty and Snowy

In November 2020, we took in a small group of dogs who recently retired from breeding. They came to us scared and untrusting. Two of these dogs were Misty and Snowy. They spent three months in foster before being placed in an extremely loving and patient home.

“We have had Snowy and Misty (now known as Bear and Boo) for just over 2 weeks. They have settled and are adapting really well. They are so funny and have very different personalities. It hasn’t been easy for them, they are scared of lots of things but we are taking things slowly and introducing lots of lovely things one day at a time.

They both love toys, the garden, they have found the stairs, they have travelled in the car and now Boo has had her injections so she can join Bear on a walk. They both have a cheeky side-eye too! The looks they give! It’s all new, it’s all exciting and we are all learning something about each other every day.

We were very lucky to have an amazing foster family who definitely did a lot of the hard work before they came to us. Thank you to them and the rescue for giving us the opportunity to love these girlies and give them the best life they deserve.”