About This Project


Breed: French Bulldog

Age: 1 years old


    • Moana can live with another dog
    • Moana can live with sensible children
    • Moana is likely to need a specialist diet due to her sensitive stomach


Moana is a charmer, with an excellent friendly disposition, and is brave despite her diminutive size. She likes to be with or watching her humans and wants to please. Moana loves fuss, attention and to sleep curled up on your lap but can be vocal if she feels she is missing out! Loves squeaky toys and to play fetch. Travels very well in the car, preferably when she can see you.
Moana walks well on a lead and harness and greets calmer politely. She is nervous of more boisterous dogs and will look to her humans for support if worried.
Moana loves mealtimes but has a sensitive stomach and is likely to need to stay on a specialist diet.
Moana is making great progress with her toilet training but may have the odd accident, especially at night.
Moana would be fine in a home with sensible children and will make an excellent attentive, companion. Moana has not been cat tested.