About This Project


Breed: Lurcher

Age: 5 years old

Donation: £200

  • Molly needs an adult only home
  • Molly needs to be the only dog
  • Molly loves walks!


Molly is a beautiful 5 year old Lurcher. She had a tough start in life, coming from Ireland when she was 2 and going to Dogs Trust. She was adopted and happy for 2 years until a man and child arrived in the household and Molly became very nervous. Dogs Trust would not find her a new home, so she came to us.
Molly is now in foster, where she has been adored but she is still troubled in some ways. She loves going for walks, playing, and is a very good companion, happily sitting by your side all day, sometimes even on top of you – her favourite things are eating and sleeping.
Molly has to be muzzled when walking because she does not like other dogs, and when she isn’t in the mood to be cuddled, she may growl or snap (and has bitten in the past). She does not like to be left but can be for an hour or two.
She needs a forever home with someone who can give her time and has a lot of patience. Ideally, it should be a female-only household but she will adapt to quiet, soft-spoken, men who let her go to them when she’s ready. There should be no other pets and no children.