About This Project

Breed: Pugs

Age:  Molly 5 years Meg 3 years

Donation: £200. each

Molly and Meg are two of the cutest little pugs you could have the pleasure of meeting.  They are newly retired ex-breeding bitches.  Molly, 5 years old, is very tiny at 3.8 kgs and is a very pretty black and white girl.  Meg, 3 years old, is slightly bigger at 5 kgs and is a beautiful fawn colour.  Both needed urgent vet care when they arrived.  We were very grateful that they went straight to an experienced foster carer and she has looked after both dogs very well.

They are very happy together but their foster carers feels they might be ok to go to different homes, so long as they get plenty of attention and there is at least one other friendly little dog there to show them the ropes of being a ‘pet’ dog.