Arthur (Mr A)

About This Project

Arthur (Mr A)

Palliative Care Home Only

Age: Estimated 12 years old

Breed: Labrador (Approx 25kg)

  • Can live with other dogs
  • Untested with cats
  • Untested with children

Arthurs Story:

Mr A (now called Arthur) first arrived in a very poor state. He was so terrified it took several days to catch him and, when caught, it was found he had a large tumor-like growth on his leg requiring immediate veterinary treatment. Unfortunately, vets at both our practice and the specialists have unanimously agreed that Arthur should be placed on a palliative care plan. They estimate he has around 3 months left but he may stay with us for longer. His time to cross the rainbow bridge will be informed by his quality of life, levels of pain, etc.

His perfect home:

Arthur would like a calm home, where his world can be kept small. He is quite anxious about new things and doesn’t need lots of adventures. He’s a sleepy boy who loves to potter around the garden. He would like a canine companion because he likes other dogs and wouldn’t like to be left alone much. He would also like someone to be around most of the time, and his home must have someone who is physically able to pick him up.

Most importantly, his perfect home has someone who will be with him in his final moments, when the time comes. We want him to pass away surrounded by love and care so he needs some really special people.


Arthur’s tumor-like growth cannot be operated on. He has also been diagnosed with arthritis. He is initially shaky on his feet when he gets up and often needs additional support (i.e. getting in and out of the car) so there must be someone in the home that is physically able to lift and/or carry him. He is very worried about being left alone and will lie down and freeze when he’s particularly worried. He was initially underweight when he arrived but he is now able to eat normally and is putting on weight every day.


We are looking for a palliative care home for Arthur so he can live out his days surrounded by love. His ongoing vet care will be covered by Dogs Friends. Please use our adoption application form to apply.

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