About This Project


Breed: Bichon Frise 

Age: 6 years 

Donation: £350


  • Can live with gentle children
  • Can live with or without other dogs
  • Could possibly live with cats


Background – Netty arrived in our care from a puppy farm when she was heavily pregnant. Netty was in very bad condition but still managed to raise her puppies and is now looking for her own happily ever after.


Character – Netty is extremely loving and affectionate, she adores all people, even strangers and loves visitors to the house and meeting new people on walks. Netty really bonds with people and would be a very loyal companion – she has a funny habit of making people fall in love with her. Netty is generally very calm, but she gets super excited for her morning cuddles and at food time – she spins when she is happy!


With other dogs – Netty is perfect with the other rescue dogs she lives with (there are lots of foster/visiting dogs in and out) but isn’t necessarily dependent on them so she would live with or without them. On walks Netty is happy to meet other dogs (including very large dogs) and is very calm in doing so, and she loves going for group walks with her rescue pals.


In the house – Netty is generally very well settled in the home and spends much of the day snoozing whilst her foster carer is working from home – she often cuddles up with the other dogs. Netty does potter around the garden but  and will wee inside if she isn’t taken outside regularly.


Outside the house – Netty is  well behaved on walks (she is still grasping lead walking but really getting there as long as you don’t walk to quickly). Netty is also happy going into shops, cafe’s, pubs etc (as long as it isn’t too loud) so is a great candidate for a home with someone who likes to take their pooch pal out with them. Netty really enjoys her walks and is good off-lead – she happily trots by your side but equally loves zoomies in the secure field that she visits for playdates. Netty travels well in the car on a seatbelt clip attached to her harness.


Type of home – Netty just loves to be around people, which does mean she isn’t keen on being left (she will sometimes bark/cry but isn’t destructive). Netty will need a home where she can sleep in with her humans as at the moment she will sleep in her own bed but wants to be in the same room – luckily she doesn’t snore! Netty would like a home where she goes out for a good walk at least once per day, and where she is allowed to roam freely around the home as she likes to follow you around.


Health – Netty is now down to a more healthy weight (6.6kg) and is getting much fitter – she can walk a few miles a day now. Netty had 19 teeth removed which has left her feeling much better, and able to enjoy the natural treats she loves to chew on1 Netty is currently raw fed and loves it.


Training needs – Netty is a fantastic little dog, but all of her progress has been achieved with great patience, using the extremely tight bond that Netty has built with her foster carer. She will absolutely need patience and understanding as she is likely to regress a little when she goes to her new home due to upheaval.


Adoption – Netty is in foster care in Downend, Bristol and applicants will need to come and meet her here. It would be ideal if Netty’s new family could visit her a couple of times leading up to her moving in as this would really help her transition.