About This Project


Breed: staffy cross 

Age: 9 years 

Donation: £300

  • Can live with confident children 8+
  • Best as a solo dog
  • Not cat tested

Background – Nina has had an unsettled few years after being privately rehomed a year ago, and now moving on again as the other dog in the home did not accept her and the neighbours complained about her barking at the front door.

Character – Nina is very people friendly – almost a bit too friendly so you must be prepared for kisses! Nina is a happy little soul and just wants to love and be loved.

With other dogs – Nina is currently living happily with a male duo, Springer Spaniel and a Schnauzer – she tends to prefer the boys. Nina has previously been picked on by other dogs and this has made her a little wary so can be a bit hit and miss when coming across other dogs on walks.

Type of home – Nina is an ideal companion dog for someone who is looking for a loyal best friend to enjoy cuddles and walks with. Whilst she does need to take it easy due to her arthritis, she does really enjoy long walks (especially in the woods) so would like a home where she can go on adventures. Nina wouldn’t like somewhere where she was left all day (she can be left for shorter periods and is not destructive, but will bark at the door if anyone knocks), and would also especially love it if she was allowed to sleep in bed with her adopter.

Health – Nina is showing her age a little and is in the early stages of arthritis (not that she lets it slow her down!)  – Nina requires a monthly Librella injection which can very in cost, but around £100 a month should be expected.

Adoption – Nina is currently living in Weston Super Mare and applicants will need to come and meet her here.