Paddy and Clay

About This Project


Breed: Boxer and Bulldog types

Age: 10

Donation:  £200 for the two

Paddy and Clay are unfortunate casualties of a marriage breakdown. Clay, a bulldog type, first came to us in 2016 and was adopted. Paddy, a boxer type, had been with the family since he was very young.  They are now a bonded pair and need to go together. They are lucky enough to have been with a great fosterer who writes: “Two 10 year old Chunky Monkeys, Paddy and Clay are very loving, well trained with perfect manners but do need reminding that the settee is really for their hoomans. They travel well and are perfectly house trained being quite happy to be left for short periods and just nestle in their beds. Just be prepared for a wonderful welcome when you come home with Paddy greeting you with one of his toys as a gift. Their favourite pastime is snuggling down in their beds. They do have separate beds but more often than not, I find them sharing! They are very accepting of visitors and are firm favourites of my teenage grandson and older granddaughter”. However, Clay has shown himself to be nervous with small children, so they will not be rehomed where there are younger children. Clay suffers from skin problems and also is hearing impaired; he tends to rely on Paddy who is more active, but can struggle with other dogs. They both really deserve to be in a comfortable, loving home. Really, really sad for these dogs.  They have been very much loved and we hope they will be again.