Patrick – Applications Closed as of 10/08 9pm

About This Project

Patrick – Applications closed 

Breed: Spaniel 

Age: 12-14 weeks (estimated) 

Donation: £350

Background – Patrick came to Dogs Friends from his breeder, as he has a deformed eye and could not be sold. Patrick quickly got his paws under the table in a very loving foster home where he currently lives with another dog, a 4 year old child and a cat.

Character  – Patrick is such a puppy – he is the sweetest little bundle of energy you’ll ever meet! Despite his unlucky start he doesn’t let it get him down. He is still learning how to be a dog – so is still quite boisterous and does need someone with the patience to help train him but is learning basic commands like ‘off’ and ‘sit’ very quickly.

Type of home – Patrick will need a home with a family who are committed to investing time and training in him – he really does deserve the best after his unsettled start in life. Patrick would also benefit from an active home where he will receive appropriate amounts of physical and mental stimulation that adjusts to meet his meets as he grows up. Patrick is currently adapting to being left for short periods of time, but due to his age would not be suited to a home where he would regularly be left for longer periods.

Dogs and cats – Patrick is currently living with another (medium) dog and a cat and although most of the time does live in peace with the cat, Patrick does get very excited when the cat comes in to the house (he does chase but not in malice).

Adoption process – We are keen to have Patrick settled in his adoptive home ASAP due to his age and so applicants must be available to come and meet him, and facilitate a home check within a few days and be ready to bring him home by 18th August. Patrick is in foster care in Taunton and applicants must be in our catchment area (Bristol, Somerset or the immediate surrounding areas).