About This Project

Breed: Saluki Cross 

Age: 2 years (est.)

Donation: £300

  • Pearl can live with other dogs
  • Pearl cannot live with cats or small animals
  • Pearl can live with children 13+
  • Pearl needs a secure garden

Background: Pearl came with a horrific history. Fortunately, after a long period straying, Pearl was rescued and that’s where her new life began.

Character: Pearl is cautious and a little shy but friendly and affectionate once she knows you.  She doesn’t like to be by herself and when left tended to nibble at things, so she has been crate trained to deal with this

Type of home: Pearl is at present living as an only dog and is doing well, but she would also suit a home with canine playmates. She is young and active, so she needs attention and exercise, with someone home most of the time. She also likes to relax in comfort!

Out on walks: It is a pleasure to take Pearl for a walk. She also loves trips to a secure field where she can zoom around. Her recall is improving but not yet up to letting her off elsewhere

Adopting: Pearl is in foster care near Wells.