About This Project


Breed: Schanzuer

Age: 3 years old

Donation: £400


    • Peggy must live with other sociable, playful dogs
    • Peggy may be able to live with sensible children aged 12 and over
    • Peggy has not been cat tested
    • Peggy needs a calm household that has long term dedication to aid her progress and confidence with human contact

Peggy is a sweet-natured and playful girl. Due to her unsettled start in life, she is very hand shy and fearful of humans so she needs to live with confident dog companions to help her feel secure and have guidance from other dogs.
Peggy needs a calm, peaceful household in which to be able to feel safe and relaxed. Peggy wouldn’t be able to cope with human busyness or young children but is happy with the hustle and bustle of other dogs.
Anyone adopting Peggy must understand her recovery and building trust will be a slow process. They need to be physically able to carry her as she cannot yet walk on a lead and will freak out at being handled so is a flight risk.
In foster care she has walked happily with the freedom of a long line attached to her harness, she likes to frolic and run with the other dogs but after a walk when she needs to be in close proximity to the human to be carried or popped into a car, she will be fearful and try to escape. She will need to learn to walk on a regular lead. She is now following the other dogs by jumping into the car by herself. If you have access to a secure field for her to have zoomies with her playmates that’s a big bonus!
Despite her fear she has shown no signs of aggression even when she is very frightened. She enjoys her food and isn’t bothered by other dogs eating nearby. She will now take treats from human hands. She has been eating and sleeping in the security of a crate where she feels safe. She has been totally clean in the house and will follow the others outside for toileting.
Peggy is showing interest in human hands when other dogs are being stroked and will tolerate being stroked herself with the right approach but is tense about it.
Peggy loves to be curled up on the sofa with her dog pals, sleeps through the night and has a clean dry bed each morning.
Peggy will be a wonderful happy girl in the right environment and with the right input and long term dedication from her family.