About This Project


Breed: Schnauzer x

Age: 7 years old

Donation: £250


  • Phillip would prefer to be the only dog
  • Phillip needs an adult only home
  • Phillip has not been cat tested


Philip has had a very tough, challenging and upsetting life. He has had to become very resilient and resourceful to survive his many trials. Phillip came to us a few weeks ago in an awful state. His mouth was hideously infected and this had caused him to develop painful wet eczema all down his chin. Phillip had urgent dental work and veterinary care as he’s in a very much better and more comfortable state now.

Phillip looks so quirky and very cute! Though he looks elderly because of his colouring, we are told he is 7 years old. Phillip is also a bit bigger than he looks in pictures. He weighs 17 kgs and is thought to be a Schnauzer cross.
Philip is looking for a quiet, calm, happy, loving, understanding and kind person to share his life with. He loves countryside strolls and exploring. Phillip is a very communicative soul and our behaviourist is very happy to give tips and advice to help.

Phillip will be happiest in a single-person household as this is where he thrives. He’s definitely a one man and his dog type of dog! In return, you will have a true best friend and defender. Phillip would prefer to be the only dog in the household where he can soak up all of the attention!