About This Project


Breed: French Bulldog

Estimated DOB: 24/11/2017

Donation: £300


  • Piglet can live with children 4+


Background: Piglet was once a family dog but was sold to a breeder when she was young and has clearly had several litters of puppies. When she arrived in our care Piglet was in a very poor state and had horrible infections, but her loving personality was shining through immediately and fortunately she was offered a fantastic foster placement in a loving family home with children who she adores.

Character: Piglet is very loving and affectionate (and easily won over by a belly rub) – she really loves kids and is gentle and docile so an excellent addition to a family with small humans.

Animals and children: Piglet is excellent with other dogs and currently lives with a rescued puppy but also loves meeting other dogs on walks outside of the home. Piglet loves kids and has been living with young children in her foster home.

Ideal home: Piglet would be best placed in a family home with children as this would be where she is most happy. Piglet can live with other dogs but would also be okay as a solo pooch as long as she can have canine play time on walks. Piglet is of average energy levels for a French Bulldog – she loves to play and go for a walk, but equally is very happy snoring (loudly) in her bed.

Health: – Piglet is just coming out of a phantom pregnancy and can be neutered soon, and also has dry eye so needs eye drops to avoid this causing damage.

Adoption: Piglet is in foster care in Bristol and applicants must be available to come and meet her here, and to proceed with the adoption process.