About This Project


Age: 11 months old

Breed: Mixed breed

Donation: £350

  • Best placed in an adult home
  • Can live with other dogs
  • Not cat tested


Pip came to Dogs Friends due to his owners ongoing illness. Pip does not appear to have been well socialised but we hope to help him catch up.


Pip is a playful, independent dog who needs support with building his confidence in some areas. Pip loves people and is super happy to see you, and will enjoy a cuddle on the sofa for a while before choosing a spot on the floor. Pip is super friendly with other dogs and wants to say hello to everyone, and could play all day with his foster brother – although he does have the tendency to be a little relentless and so any resident dog would need to be very tolerant of this bouncy pup!

Type of home

Pip would like an experienced home with people who can continue his training. Pip really loves his walks (and is super excited when the harness comes out) so a fairly active home would be best – ideally with someone who can channel his energy and brain power into some games based training or similar. Pip is in foster care with one of our experienced foster families and he really loves the children, but due to his training needs we feel a home without very young children would be best (he can happily spend time around children where there are no toys or food though).

Training needs

Pip does exhibit resource guarding behaviour with his toys and food (he growls when people approach) and this will need to be carefully managed. We hope that with the right sort of training and management this will not be a big issue, especially as Pip is so young.


Pip is in foster care in Bristol and applicants will need to come and meet him here.