About This Project


Breed: Bulldog

Age: 4 years

Donation: £350


  • Prefers to be an only dog
  • Not cat tested
  • Can live with children 8+


Background: Pluto came to us from a breeding background and has flourished in his wonderful foster home where he has receive excellent love and care from all the family.


Character and type of home:Pluto is very affectionate, but rather unaware of his size and can go barrelling into you when he wants to play so he is not suitable for very young children or anyone unsteady on their feet. Pluto can still be a little nervous, particularly with fast movements and will cower or run away when he is frightened. Pluto’s favourite things include snuggling on the sofa and armpit tickles!


Health: Like many of his breed, Pluto is not the most agile and would struggle in a super active home – he will enjoy strolls but isn’t the ideal hiking buddy (he hates getting his paws wet anyway!). Pluto has some skin irritation which is treated using special baths and has the usual health issues for dogs of his breed.


Adoption process: Pluto is in foster care in a Yeovil and adopters must be willing to come here and meet him.