About This Project


Breed: Poodle 

Age: 7 years 

Donation: £400


  • Cannot live with children
  • Must live with other dogs
  • Could live with cats


Background – Pip arrived with us when she was pregnant (she was one of our emergency 15) but her days of puppies are behind her and she is ready to start her new chapter.

Character – Pip is a sensitive soul – a little on the nervous side but very loving and affectionate, enjoying fuss and cuddling up on the sofa. Pip has made great progress and is now starting to enjoy walks too, especially with her pooch pal.

With children and other animals  – Pip doesn’t really like children very much and so would be best suited to a home with teens as a minimum, or no children at all. Pip gets on well with other dogs and would really like to have other dogs around for Canine companionship. Pip is okay with cats but CANNOT live with chickens or birds – she will want to eat them and is very quick!

Type of home – Living in a home was totally alien to Pip, but she’s done really well and made some progress with housetraining too. Pip is going to need a patient and kind home with people who will understand and accept that she is a puppy farm survivor who needs time and love.

Adoption – Pip is in foster care in Clevedon and applicants will need to come and meet her here.