About This Project


Breed: JRT

Estimated DOB: 15/11/2015

Donation: £300


Background: Prince arrived with us along with three other dogs as part of an owner surrender. You may recall seeing Prince on a fundraising appeal as sadly the dogs arrived in a terribly neglected state, but we were so so grateful to have so much support both financially and with well wishes from our supporters. This only makes it even more special that Prince is ready to find his forever family. We are also very grateful to Prince’s absolutely fantastic foster Mum who has provided the below information in support of Prince finding the perfect match.

Character: Prince is a very happy little dog and can be very expressive – he smiles and jumps with a waggy tail when his lead and harness come out. This boy is also very affectionate and licky so be prepared for kisses! Prince is also very happy to meet new people as tested over the Christmas period.

Animals and children: Prince has not been tested with children. Prince likes to be around other dogs and so could go to a home with resident pooch pals – this may be comforting to him particularly in the early days. When out on walks Prince does bark and growl at other dogs but we suspect this may be lead frustration as he can greet dogs very nicely on a longline. Prince cannot live with cats or small furries – no surprise for a cheeky terrier!

Ideal home: Prince would definitely like a home with someone who is around most of the time as he does bark when being left. Prince would like a home where he has free rein as he loves to be hidden in blankets and duvets and if an adopter would allow him on their bed he would be thrilled (he is also an excellent foot warmer). Prince would also really enjoy popping out and about with his adopters, the perfect pub companion maybe!

Ideal home: Prince is in foster care in Chippenham and applicants must be willing to meet him here in his foster home.