About This Project


Age: 11.5 years

Breed: Cavachon

Donation: £400

  • Can live with sensible children
  • Could live with cats with careful introductions
  • Can live with other dogs


Prince is a family pet who came to use through Cavachon UK due to an unfortunate change of circumstances in his home. He went straight into a lovely foster home.


This little guy is a best friend in waiting. He loves to give and receive affection and everyone he sees is a potential friend. His foster family say he would make a terrible guard dog!
He is calm in the home and excited but well behaved on walks, he loves to go out and about on adventures and along with his foster family on visits to the pub. Although Prince is a mature dog, you would never know it. He is fun, playful and excited about life despite missing more than 14 teeth!

Type of home

Prince is such a well rounded dog that we feel he would suit a wide range of home set-ups.
Although he is ok to be left alone for short periods, Prince loves his humans, so a home where he would have company most of the time would be wonderful for him.

Prince travels well in the car, so he would suit a family keen to add a new adventure buddy to their pack! He is not a spring chicken though, so probably so would prefer not to go on large hikes or run marathons – unless you fancy popping him in your backpack!

Prince would like a canine companion to live with. He is happily living without another dog in his foster home but he loves all the dogs he meets on walks.

He has been friendly with all cats he has met on walks – the same can not be said for the feisty felines!
It’s possible that he could live with cats after controlled introductions.

Prince has met children and he is a big big fan! We think Phe would be happy to live in a home with sensible children.


Prince has had a fair few dental extractions but this does not affect his enjoyment of life and we will be able to provide guidance on the most suitable food choices for him. He also has a grade 3/6 heart murmur, no meds are currently needed but he may well need them in the future.

Adopting – Prince is currently in foster care in Yatton, North Somerset and successful applicants will need to come and meet him here.