Pumpkin and Minnie (available separately)

About This Project

Pumpkin and Minnie

Breed: Schnauzers

Age: Pumpkin is 4 years and 3 months old. Minnie is 3 years and 3 months old.

Donation: £700 if adopted together, £400 each if adopted seperately


    • Pumpkin and Minnie can live with dogs (if rehomed separately, they must live with a canine role model)
    • Pumpkin and Minnie can live with sensible and calm children
    • Pumpkin and Minnie have not been cat tested

Pumpkin and Minne have recently retired from breeding and are learning about the luxuries of pet life. So far, in their short time in foster care, they have proved to be super sweet, affectionate girls that get on great with other dogs and adore human contact.
Pumpkin and Minnie can be rehomed together but would also be happy to go to seperate homes provided there was a human home most of the time and other friendly dogs to buddy up with.
Both girls have a lot of weight to lose but enjoy their off lead walks in a secure field in foster care. Pumpkin and Minnie are not yet used to walking on leads and so adopters must be willing to put time and patience into their training. They have been clean in the house and settled into foster care very quickly.
In typical Schnauzer fashion, Pumpkin and Minnie do like to join in with any barking when there’s something to bark at, though are generally fairly quiet girls.
Pumpkin may need cataract surgery and has a little hair loss which will hopefully come back with a good diet.