About This Project


Breed: Schnauzer

Age: 4 years 3 months old

Donation: £400


    • Pumpkin must live with a canine role model
    • Pumpkin could live with sensible and calm children aged 8 and over
    • Pumpkin cannot live with cats or other small furries


Pumpkin is a super affectionate, quiet girl, who loves nothing more than to cuddle up with her humans. She is sociable and friendly with other dogs, big and small and needs a home with a freindly canine role model to join in adventures and learn the ways of the world. Pumpkin needs someone who is home most of the time as she loves company and attention.
Pumpkin is learning to walk on a lead and is doing really well with it. She enjoys investigating on her walks, especially sniffing out rodents!
Pumpkin has been clean in the house and is crate trained. She often takes herself off to her crate for a snooze and can be left for short periods of time.
Pumpkin can be a little spooked by energetic little humans if they’re being raucous but loves gentle attention from anyone.
Pumpkin has some medical issues including a cateract in her left eye and a heart murmur. Her foster carer can give short listed applicants further information on her ongoing medical needs.