About This Project


Breed: Lurcher (28kg)

Age: 7 years 

Donation: £350


  • Can live with other dogs
  • Can live with sensible children subject to introductions
  • Cannot live with cats, small animals or birds


Background – Rabbit arrived in our care recently and we believe he has previously been ‘worked’.

Character – Rabbit is a lovely, gentle boy – we actually haven’t heard him bark yet either! He’s a quiet soul who tends to keep to himself, but will no doubt be a loyal companion.

With other dogs – Rabbit loves his foster siblings (two Lurchers adopted from us) and likes to play with them. We would err on the side of caution and say he cannot live with very small dogs due to his prey drive (he will chase cats, birds etc).

In the house – Rabbit may not have lived indoors before and so will probably need a little help adjusting to this, but has settled beautifully in foster care.

Type of home – Rabbit doesn’t ask for much, he just wants a warm, comfortable sofa and some gentle fuss.

Health – Rabbit has had his first vaccinations, but does need an operation to remove a large skin tag (to be done at the same time as when he has the snip).

Adoption – Rabbit is in foster care in Taunton and applicants will need to come and meet him here.