Ralph – Applications Closed

About This Project


Breed: Terrier

Age: 7 Years 

Donation: £300


    • Would benefit from a calm, rural home 
    • Can live with children 14+
    • Can live with other dogs 
    • Cannot live with cats


Background – Ralph was adopted from Dogs Friends in 2020 and has lived in a loving, multi-generational family home along with another rescue dog. Unfortunately Ralph is not able to cope with urban living and the stimulation that is involved, which has resulted in some unfortunate circumstances. Ralph’s adopters have worked very hard with a behaviourist but sadly this boy needs a new home that is better matched for his needs. 


Personality and activities – Ralph is a super intelligent, loving and cuddly boy who adores affectionate contact from his humans (scritches!) particularly between his front legs and if you dare to stop he will reach for your hand with his paw and pull it back. Ralph is a very smart boy (he even knows a list of command words!) and enjoys brain games, one of his favourites is searching games like looking for treats in the lawn. We suspect that Ralph would really enjoy something like agility training which would be a very positive use of his energy. 


In the home – Ralph settled well into the family home and enjoys the company of his Lurcher friend. Ralph would benefit from a calm home where he has a consistent routine without regular over-stimulation such as frequent visitors. Ralph settles well at night in his basket in the bedroom, and prefers to be left to snooze away on his own.


Outside of the home – Ralph walks well on a longline and on lead, and is generally well mannered in coming across other dogs providing they don’t surprise him in a high energy approach. Ralph is not comfortable around traffic and so enjoys walks in quieter, traffic-free locations. 


Training needs – Ralph can become fixated on things that he finds interesting – this can be specific people, traffic, incoming post, unusual sounds and he is even partial to flies. This can result in high states of arousal and some stress behaviours and so we are looking for a very calm home (ideally rural) where Ralph can focus on channelling his behaviours in a positive way through rewards based training and other enriching activities. 

Diet and health – Ralph doesn’t have any special dietary needs, he enjoys Forthglade food and natural treats, peanut butter lickmats and stuffed kongs! Ralph does not have any complex medical needs and is in good shape thanks to his guardians taking such good care of him.

Adoption – Ralph is currently in our kennels near Wells and applicants must be willing to meet him here.