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About This Project


Breed: Bulldog

Age: 1 year

Donation: £350


  • Could live with other dogs
  • Can live with children 8+
  • Cannot live with cats


Background – Roger arrived with us when his owner wasn’t able to keep him anymore, but we don’t really have any information about his life before Dogs Friends.

Character – Roger is an affectionate, relaxed boy with a really friendly character. He’s still quite young, so he’s quite playful and excitable, as well. He’s not at all nervous about people, and has been greeting all of the workmen he sees on our road when he’s on his walks. He really has won over every single person who’s met him. Roger is a lovely, sweet dog and is going to make a fantastic pet and companion for some lucky person or family.

With other dogs – Roger seems fine with other dogs – he’s curious about them, but not aggressive. He doesn’t always realize that other dogs may not want to play with him, but we think that has more to do with his age than anything.

In the house – Roger likes to sleep on the sofa and hang out with his humans. He also loves watching the world go by out the window. He’s playful and lively, since he’s still a bit of a puppy, but is also quite happy to chill. He’s a really lovely and companionable dog to have in the home. Roger can be left alone for a few hours without any issues.

Out of the house – Roger really enjoys walks and being outside. He gets a bit distracted by passers-by, since he likes to make friends with everyone, but generally walks well. He hasn’t been to cafes yet, but I think he would really enjoy it. He’s a companionable dog. Roger seems to have no problems at all travelling in the car.

Type of home – Roger would do well in most homes; he needs some activity, but does not need miles and miles of walks every day. He would do well living with a family with older children or teenagers, but would also do well living with a couple or with a single person. He’s a friendly companion who really loves his humans.

Training needs – Roger is housebroken- he’s done completely fine being left at home alone on occasion, no accidents at all, and when people are home with him, he’ll signal to go out. He can be a bit bark-y (he was deeply affronted when the binmen came and “stole” our recycling), but even since we’ve had him, he’s been improving. His barking doesn’t seem aggressive so much as greeting passers-by that he assumes are there to visit him!

Adoption – Roger is in foster care in South Bristol and applicants will need to come and meet him here.