About This Project


Breed: JRT

Age: 8 years 

Donation: £350


  • Rosie can live with children
  • Rosie can live with other dogs
  • Rosie cannot live with cats


Background – Rosie arrived in our care from a breeder but is believed to have been a pet dog at some stage in her life.

Character – Despite being a more mature dog, Rosie is full of energy and very playful – she still has a real spring in her step. Rosie is a very affectionate and cuddly lap dog who also loves to meet new people.

With other dogs and cats – Rosie interacts well with other dogs and is used to living with others, but will guard her toys from other dogs. Rosie cannot live with cats as she will chase them.

In the house – Rosie likes to snuggle up on the sofa and generally settles well. Rosie is not 100% house trained so needs a bit of work on this. Rosie is very intuitive and clever, and enjoys enrichment games.

Type of home – Rosie would like a home with people who enjoy going out for walks. Rosie is mostly happy with her current set up (bar the cat!) where she is in foster care with children and another dog, but we feel she could adapt to a variety of settings and family structures. Rosie would suit a home where she needed to travel in the car as she is happy in the car, but does need to be confined as she will try to climb onto your lap.

Adoption – Rosie is in foster care in Bristol and we are looking for a swift adoption as she is currently struggling to live with a resident cat. Other than this issue she has settled beautifully at home and is a fabulous pooch. Rosie will need to come back to our vets in Somerset for some post-adoption care (this will be paid for by the charity).